Powerlifting gold for Bristol veteran who took up sport to recover from injury

A former soldier from Bristol has won gold at an international competition in a sport he took up as part of his rehabilitation.

Indy Dhillon, who lives in Filton, started powerlifting to help strengthen his back after he was injured while serving with the British Army.

The 28-year-old, who worked in electronic warfare, quickly demonstrated a natural flair for the sport and started to compete in 2016.

Indy took up powerlifting after he was injured serving with the British Army. Credit: Ministry of Defence

Earlier this year, Indy competed in the All England competition in Manchester and did so well he was picked to represent England at the televised Commonwealth Championships in Canada.

On his way to gold in the under-105kg category, Indy delivered an impressed 335kg deadlift, 300kg squat and 165kg bench press.

I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and supportive the competitors were.

Indy Dhillon

Prior to the competition, vegetarian Indy was consuming up to 4,000 calories every day.

He said food choices for powerlifting vegetarians are much better today than they were a few years ago. The 6ft lifter weighs 16st 7lbs (105kg).

I have been a vegetarian all my life, but the choice nowadays is so much better. I try not to eat badly, but I have to admit I do enjoy a paneer curry accompanied by dozens of samosas, macaroni and cheese and pizza.

Indy on his vegetarian diet

Indy has now set his sights on the British Championships next year and, beyond that, the World Championships in 2021.