Boris Johnson calls anti-Conservative protestors 'crusties' after pulling out of Glastonbury bakery visit

Boris Johnson has pulled out of today's (14 November) planned visit to a Glastonbury bakery after a large group of protestors gathered outside.

The Tory leader was set to visit Glastonbury's Burns The Bread bakery this afternoon, but changed plans at the last minute, visiting another branch of the bakery in Wells instead.

Serving sausage rolls to customers in Wells, he explained the change of location:

Some crusties there, weren't there? More crusty than your loaves!

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister
Protestors gathered outside a primary school in Taunton ahead of the Prime Minister's visit. Credit: ITV News

The Prime Minister cited security concerns as the reason for the change of plan, dodging dozens of anti-Conservative demonstrators who had gathered outside the store with banners and placards.

Boris Johnson was met by anti-Conservative protestors in Taunton today. Credit: ITV News

Earlier he was heckled by demonstrators outside a primary school in Taunton - and yesterday, he received a barrage of criticism in Yorkshire from those hit by flooding.

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