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'It's all about cats and boots' - Plymouth's beatboxing teenager going for glory at UK championships

A teenager from Plymouth is hoping to wow the judges with his vocal skills at the UK Beatboxing Championships.

Connor Saunders-Staddon, aged 17, will battle with the best in the business in London later this month.

He has been beatboxing for about two years - and says the skill takes passion, talent and hard work.

I've always listened to beatboxers for years and I never really thought of getting into it until I started listening to this beatboxer called Codfish. I listened to him all the time and eventually I just started picking up the noises he made and picking up his little routines. Then I came home one day and I was like 'You know what, I want to learn beatboxing'. And I just did.

– Connor Saunders-Staddon
Connor says he has been inspired by listening to other beatboxers. Credit: ITV News

Connor says he was inspired to take up beatboxing after listening to other artists and meeting like-minded people at last year's championships.

He says he enjoys the fact that he can take his skill anywhere and perform it at parties or with his friends.

Anyone can be a beatboxer, honestly, you just need to keep practising. It's just starting from 'boots and cats' up to really advanced stuff, and it's just lots of practice.

– Connor Saunders-Staddon
Connor says anyone can be a beatboxer with lots of practice. Credit: ITV News

This is not the first time Connor has been in the media spotlight.

Back in 2010, when he was eight years old, he made headlines for building a 6000-piece Lego version of the Taj Mahal.

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