Residents at a newly built estate have been complaining after multiple misspelled roadsigns were put up.

Those living on the Greenacres estate, in Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucetershire, counted three signs that were incorrectly spelled.

Among the mistakes was a sign put up last which week, which spelled 'crescent' as 'crecent'.


Number of signs spelled incorrectly by Persimmon Homes

Another sign misspelled the word 'Emerald', whilst a third incorrectly mixed up the letters of 'Vermeil', which is the name for silverware that has been gilded in gold.

Having noticed the multiple mistakes, residents' concerns were heard by Persimmon Homes who are in charge of the estate, including the signs.

Vermeil Grove's sign was spelled incorrectly. Credit: Gloucestershire Live

A spokesperson for Persimmon Homes said: “Our technical team has been working at the Bishop’s Cleeve development and the incorrect signs, which are regrettably due to human error, have been identified.

"New signs have now been made and will be fixed in position imminently.”