The family of a man from Bradninch in Devon who died in a hit-and-run in Ukraine has dropped legal action against his widow.

Barry Pring's family previously alleged that Ganna Ziuzina, also known as Julianna Moore, had murdered him. He was killed by a speeding car as he tried to hail a taxi in Kiev in 2008.

He was celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his wife at the time.

His death was initially treated as an accident, but was reclassified as murder following pressure from his family.

Ganna has now moved to Spain and remarried. Credit: Shaughan Pring

The verdict of the first inquest, that of unlawful killing, was quashed for procedural irregularity.

In 2017, Ganna Ziuzina asked for a ruling that she did not murder Barry.

At the time, the judge said the family's position was that they "simply want justice for Barry", that their efforts had not been irrational, unfair or lawful and, if Ms Ziuzina thought otherwise, it was open to her to bring a defamation action.

Her lawyer Mr McLinden said there had been "gross misrepresentation" of Ms Ziuzina's position.

He added that Mr Pring died intestate and, to prevent her receiving the share of the £250,000 estate to which she was entitled, the family invoked the forfeiture rule, saying she had murdered him.

In order to defend the murder allegation, she was forced to engage with the forfeiture rule which had been raised against her. If she had not, she would have been labelled a murderer. To suggest she is in this for the money, as opposed to defending the murder allegation against her, is a nonsense.

Mr McLinden