The number of people diagnosed with Dementia across the region is set to soar in the next decade.

A report commissioned by the Alzheimer's Society warns that we'll have to spend much more on care to deal with the needs of an ageing population.


Predicted increase in Wiltshire


Predicted increase in South Gloucestershire and Somerset


Predicted increase in Cornwall

The report shows more than 60% of social care costs in England will fall on people with dementia and their families.

Previous research by the charity has shown that someone with dementia will typically have to spend £100,000 on their care.

Alzheimer's Society is therefore calling on all political parties for a reform of dementia care in order to protect families from the costs.

Dementia is set to soar as our population ages. Credit: PA Images

Dementia is heart-breaking for families. It's not right that those going through it have to battle to get the care they need on top of battling the disease.

Marion Child, Alzheimer's Society South West Head of Region