Former Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable says his party 'will not win the election'

The former Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable has admitted to ITV News his party isn't going to win the General Election, but is offering serious common sense politics to voters.

He was visiting the Lib Dem target seat of Taunton Deane today.

Where he told our political correspondent David Wood that the party's policy of cancelling Brexit shouldn't put off leave voters.

The former leader of the Liberal Democrats is trying to ensure that the party has a future in the the town, and the West Country.

The party lost Taunton Deane in 2015, but took control of the local council in May this year - and the party believes it is on the up.

As part of his visit to Taunton former Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable visited a college.

When Sir Vince Cable took over the Liberal Democrats in July 2017, the party had lost most of its support in the West Country.

But, before stepping down in July this year his party had gained two MEPs and a number of council seats.

Since then the party has been campaigning to cancel Brexit and not just for a second vote.

The Lib Dems say, if they do manage to stop Brexit, the country will get a remain bonus - £50b that they want to spend on public services.

"The Liberal Democrats are very clear that if Brexit is stopped there is more Government revenue - we don't know how much - and if Brexit does go ahead the money will not be there."