Cornwall holiday home escapes collapsing into sea after Charlestown cliff fall

A holiday home on the Cornish coast has narrowly avoided being swept into the sea by a cliff fall.

The landslip saw a part of the cottage's garden collapse into the water just above the beach in Charlestown.

The Harbour Lights property was once a run down toilet before being converted into a stunning £600,000 home by by model-turned property developer Charlotte Thomson and her partner Joey Auger.

Charlotte has said, despite the landslip, her guests have nothing to worry about.

Council Council contractor Cormac is believed to have been monitoring the situation for some time - and it is now believed they will come out to "shore up" the cliff.

Locals have also said they are not surprised at the collapse in the historic port near St Austell.

Gillian Pearce said: “It took longer for it to go than we thought, been watching it for the last two years.

"You can't build a wall on top of the edge with nothing underneath. Pity they didn't stop the wall on solid ground.

“Have been waiting for that to happen, they could not have built their garden wall any closer to the edge if they tried, there was hardly anything under it."

The incident happened just above the beach, directly next to the ‘Harbour Lights’ property. Credit: Sean Clancy

Charlotte Thomson said they had been liaising with Cormac for 12 months and plans were in place to rebuild and shore up the cliff.

She added: "When owning a property so close to the sea, erosion and other acts of Mother Nature are all things that need to be taken into consideration, but we wouldn’t have proceeded with the build if it wasn’t for belt and braces insurance policies in place, and all the relevant surveys and tests being carried out.

"Do not be concerned, the beautiful Harbour Lights is going nowhere!"