A Bristol company is giving the homeless community a chance to vote in the up coming general election, by giving them an address to register with.

Currently you can't register to vote unless you have a fixed address, this prohibits the majority of rough sleepers, or those without a permanent address - from voting.

The Bristol Beer Factory is offering their address at the Arnolfini to anyone without a permanent address so they can get on the electoral register.

They are also offering a free hot drink whilst they sign up.

The deadline to register is Tuesday 26 November. Credit:

St Petrock's in Exeter are also offering the charity's address in the city centre to those who need one to register and get on the electoral roll.

Currently, one in eight people in the West Country aren't registered to vote, it's hoped, with companies like The Bristol Beer Factory and St Petrock's, more will register before the cut-off date.

Many of the people ITV News spoke to said they wouldn't be taking up their right to vote, because they don't believe it will make a difference whoever ends up in power.

The deadline to register is Tuesday 26 November.