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'Just don't be so selfish' - hit and run victim from Bath pleads with drivers to slow down

A woman from Bath who was left seriously injured after a hit and run when she was just nine-years-old is pleading with drivers to be safer on the roads.

On average six people are killed or seriously injured on roads in the West Country every day.

Imogen Cauthery says her life has been ruined after she was hit by a car in 1996.

Imogen was involved in a hit and run incident when she was just nine years old.

Imogen has a childhood scrapbook - but it's not like other people's. It's full of get well cards and hospital photos - a record of an accident in 1996 which has never left her.

We were crossing the road, we looked right, looked left, holding hands, and a driver came speeding round the corner using his phone as well, and he hit me.

I had a brain haemorrhage on the spot. If a man hadn't been looking out of his window, to rush out and give me CPR, then I wouldn't be here.

– Imogen Cauthery
Imogen still suffers consequences of the accident despite the fact it happened 23 years ago. Credit: Family

Although Imogen's life was saved, the consequences of the accident have affected her ever since.

The now 32-year-old has uncontrolled epilepsy - which means she has an "unacceptable quantity" of seizures, despite reasonable treatment.

Imogen has undergone brain surgery and tried dozens of medications, but cannot alleviate herself of the seizures.

It's my worst enemy, and it affects everything - career, everything.

Other difficulties - I went from top of the class to the very bottom - I struggle with learning difficulties, and the most humiliating memory problems which has lost me work, caused my embarrassment: very life-interfering.

– Imogen Cauthery
Imogen was hit by a driver when she as just nine-years-old. Credit: Family

The driver who hit Imogen was eventually tracked down and lost his licence. But he has never apologised.

While we were filming Imogen had another epileptic seizure.

They think they're in charge, don't they? If they're behind the wheel, 'I'm in charge, I can go as fast as I want to'.

We're such a selfish animal, aren't we? You don't need to speed. Maybe leave early so you're not in a rush, yeah? Just go at 20.

Just, just don't be so selfish.

– Imogen Cauthery
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