Taunton Town find unlikely set of fans 8,000 miles away in Japan

Taunton Town FC have seen an unlikely rise in support - and it comes from an unlikely place. The team have a cult fan following more than 8,000 miles away in Japan!

The link comes from Tauntonian presenter Ben Mabley, a familiar face on one of the country's major sports channels, J Sports.

Speaking to The Japanese Times, he said:

Credit: ITV News

Mabley now talks about his home team as much as he can on the channel, even presenting in his Taunton Town shirt.

It's received so much support that J Sport agreed to sponsor a game between Taunton Town and Tiverton Town in 2015. Two years later the channel returned to record a documentary.

Now fans in Japan will be able to join Mabley in donning the team's shirts. Club chairman Kevin Sturmey announced plans to sell the shirts to the team's Japanese following.