A village has become the first in Cornwall to ban cold callers from its streets.

Residents in Carnon Downs, which is near Truro, have voted to make the area a ‘No Cold Calling Zone’.

They say they want to protect themselves from rogue tradesmen and doorstep fraudsters, who have previously targeted the village.

Two streets in the village have signed up for the initiative - which has been backed by Cornwall Council and Devon and Cornwall Police - and enforcement patrols will commence next week.

Cold callers are no longer welcome.

The two streets taking part in the initiative are Mount Agar Road and Agar Meadows.

There’s been one or two really quite nasty experiences for people up and down this road very recently where they’ve two or three people calling at once which is quite threatening actually. If it’s one sole trader, it’s not quite the same as two or three people and they have put their foots through doors and had their hands on the actual doorframes of the doors.

Penny Brickell, resident