Hundreds of 'sleep pods' to help homeless people in Bristol and Bath

With the number of people sleeping rough on our streets on the rise, a radical project has started to help those most in need.

Hundreds of 'Sleep Pods' are about to be given away to rough sleepers in Bristol, Bath and Weston-super-Mare as they face the prospect of a homeless Christmas.

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Supporters of the sleep pod say while not a solution to our rough sleeping problem, they will keep people warm, dry and more secure on the streets.

Officially, Bristol has just short of 100 visibly homeless people. Unofficially, it's much more with around 80 deaths recorded in the south west last year alone.

It has to be really easy to pack down and carry, very simple to use, very lightweight to use, and it's just to keep you warm at night, it's not for you to live in during the day. It's like a cross between a sleeping bag and a tent. You get in when you're ready to go to bed or just before.

Ian Ashby, Sleep Pod founder
Officially, Bristol has just short of 100 visibly homeless people. Credit: ITV News

needed for 400 sleep pods

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This £10,000 needed for 400 pods has come from a sold-out music event next month, featuring internationally-renowned acts with local routes.

Others are being asked to do the same by volunteering to build more pods before being going to those in need in the coming weeks before the worst of the winter weather sets in.