The Turnip Prize Finalists: Recognising truly terrible art

This year's infamous and much awaited... "Turnip Prize" finalists have been announced.

Organisers have received a record number of entries this year, which sees the event celebrating its 21st birthday..

It is, of course, a spoof of the perhaps better known Turner Prize for an exhibition or public presentation of art.

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'A Complete Waste of Time' by Canna B. Bothered is hoping to hit the big time with a win this year. Credit: Trevor Prideaux

Entrants to the Turnip Prize are recognised for the creation of something truly subpar, using the least amount of effort humanly possible.

The winner will be announced in Wedmore, Somerset on December 3.

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Can Henry Yolking's 'Poached Eggs' poach the top prize? Credit: Trevor Prideaux

Organisers say their alternative art prize has received a record number of entries this year - with 107 in total.

We've had to leave out one of the finalist pieces - it's a bit rude - but here are the remaining two which are, of course, a bit political:

David Ehmann's 'The Leaves and Remains'. Credit: Trevor Prideaux
'Lettuce Leaf or Romaine' by Will Ted Gutfall. Credit: Trevor Prideaux