GE2019: Women MPs the focus as Prime Ministerial candidates come to West Country

On the day a statue of the UK's first female MP was unveiled in Plymouth - two Prime Ministerial candidates were in the West Country answering questions on female MPs.

MP Nancy Astor changed politics forever when she took her seat 100 years ago.

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In Plymouth, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was there to see the statue on the day it was unveiled. While Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn praised Conservative Nancy Astor's legacy saying: "I'm really pleased the statue is going up".

Theresa May unveiled the statue of Nancy Astor. Credit: PA

One hundred years on from Nancy Astor taking her seat, the two Prime Ministerial candidates reiterated their commitment to getting more female MPs in Westminster.

Boris Johnson says he wants more female Conservatives in Westminster:

On the campaign trail in Falmouth, Jeremy Corbyn said his party had a much better record for helping women into politics.

Meanwhile Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson met with voters in Cornwall and Cheltenham on Tuesday (26 November).

Despite an ominous forecast by her predecessor on the fate of the Liberal Democrats this election, Jo Swinson maintains her party will succeed in the West Country in the forthcoming General Election.

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