Labour promises West Country ‘investment blitz’ in South West manifesto

Today, the Labour Party launches its regional manifestos - and senior figures are in Swindon to launch one for the South West.

The party is offering to turn on the spending taps - and then some. It is pledging to end austerity across the region and create thousands of jobs.

The big money on offer includes £14billion of ‘green investment’, which includes a new electric battery factory in Swindon as well as expanding Falmouth Docks.

A notable absence, however, is any mention of Brexit. This of course is in stark contrast with the Conservatives, whose leaflet of South West pledges bears the headline ‘get Brexit done’.

Boris Johnson in Plymouth for the unveiling of a new Nancy Astor statue. Credit: PA

The Tories are also pledging more cash for schools in the West Country and more than 400 police officers across the region.

The Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, have promised to boost funding to the region and have criticised both the Tories' and Labour’s investment sums - suggesting they don’t add up and aren't achievable. All parties are promising to spend on the NHS.

With two weeks until we know the winners and losers of this General Election, each party knows that floating voters are still making up their minds - so expect more regional visits and specific promises to attract the West Country vote.