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Six-year-old brain tumour survivor from Somerset beats Stormzy to number one

Lyra created the song to raise funds for brain tumour research. Credit: Lyra Cole/YouTube

A six-year-old girl from Somerset has beaten Stormzy to the number one spot in the Amazon download chart.

Lyra Cole covered the Christmas song 'When A Child is Born' to raise funds for Brain Tumour Research after she had emergency surgery for a tumour when she was five months old.

The young star has even had support from other artists who've covered the song. Sir Cliff Richard sent a video message to Lyra, congratulating her on her success.

Sir Cliff congratulated young Lyra on a "wonderful" song and said she was a "beautiful, brave young lady".

He praised the six-year-old as a "fantastic singer" and wished her luck in her chart success.

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Initially misdiagnosed with a virus, doctors found a tumour the size of an orange on Lyra’s brain when she was just five months old.

She was then rushed to Frenchay Hospital where she spent 11 hours in emergency surgery.

Lyra has made a full recovery since her brain tumour was removed in an 11 hour operation. Credit: ITV News West Country

She's since made a full recovery and her family are now focused on raising awareness of the condition.

To read more on the story and watch ITV's interview with Lyra click here.

It's scary that there's so many people who've been through what we've been through as a family and there's so little awareness of it. Everything else like childbirth, other mums, friends, internet, anything but with that it was just on our own or the doctors really.

– Dan Cole and Ellie Hawkes, Lyra's parents

Watch Lyra's story here:

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You can find out more information and watch Lyra's video here.