General Election 2019: Jo Swinson's pro EU message due in Bath

As the main party leaders continue their last minute national tours trying to pick up as many votes as possible, Jo Swinson brings her battle bus to Bath.

In line with so much of this campaign, she is likely to talk about her fears around Brexit and in particular will focus on what she sees as the cost of Brexit. She will claim that Brexit is costing £350m a week and that she would spend that cash on the NHS.

In Bath that message is likely to go down well. The city voted to remain in the European Union and in 2017 elected a Lib Dem MP. It is a seat the party is confident in, but in other parts of the West Country the party is less confident.

The Lib Dem leader on the campaign trail in Sheffield. Credit: PA

More election news from the West Country:

Remember the West Country is seen as Lib Dem heartland and before the 2015 election the party had 14 of our 50 seats, but most of those seats voted to leave the EU and party sources are admitting that the party's heavily pro EU stance is hindering their campaigns in leave areas.

The party has its eyes on places like St Ives, North Devon, Chippenham and Wells - all leave voting seats.

Some targets including Truro & Falmouth and Cheltenham voted remain and the party has been piling in the resources to those seats.

Jo Swinson tried out West Country cider from an organic and plastic free brewery in Cheltenham. Credit: PA

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Jo Swinson will be hoping that there is a significant Lib Dem bounce back at this election although the polls suggest it won't anywhere as major a bounce back as the party hopes.

She started this campaign saying she is a candidate to become PM, but as it has gone on the party has admitted it won't win and has changed focus by targeting seats recently to target Conservative seats where the Lib Dems were in a close second in the 2017 election.

When I last interviewed Jo Swinson she insisted she will stay on as Lib Dem leader after the election and wouldn't say how many seats she expected to win or what she feels would be a good election result for the Lib Dems. She knows the pressure is on her to convince voters in these last few days to vote Lib Dem on Thursday and there are certainly a number of undecided voters out there.

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