Stuck swan rescued from pipe in Somerset in family-led rescue mission

A Somerset animal charity has successfully recovered a swan from a pipe in Berrow in a truly family-led rescue mission.

The swan, known as Sydney, was initially spotted by the Secret World Wildlife Rescue group in photos uploaded to Facebook.

A desperate attempt to track down the location of the stuck animal got underway. Finally, just before midnight, the charity received a call from a member of the public who had spotted the bird on her way home from work.

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Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

A late night rescue mission ensued.

Pauline Kidner, founder of the charity, travelled to Berrow near Burnham-on-Sea with her husband to try and release the swan.

A cage, secateurs, and a blanket were not enough to free the bird, however, and son Simon was called in for reinforcement.

With spade and fork in hand, the family rescue team eventually managed to carefully dig the stuck swan out from a bed of compacted earth that reached up to the animal's head and neck.

Sydney was rushed back to the centre for some rest and rehabilitation. Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

It's thought the swan had been frightened into a drainage pipe, and had only been able to partially escape - leaving just its head and neck above ground.

Finally free, the swan was taken back to the Secret World rescue centre for rehabilitation.

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Good as new, Sydney was released back in to the wild. Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

A dose of pain relief from the vet and some time under a heat lamp led to a full recovery.

Now Sydney the swan is back out and about, and heading home for Christmas.

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