Why actor Hugh Grant was campaigning in Devon

Actor Hugh Grant has been campaigning in Devon - urging people to vote tactically in the upcoming General Election.

The Love Actually star is a staunch Remainer and opposes the Conservatives’ Brexit plans.

He is visiting constituencies across the UK where tactically voting could prevent Tory candidates from being elected.

Hugh met with local businessmen to talk about politics. Credit: ITV News West Country

Grant was in Sidmouth, east Devon, yesterday and told ITV News West Country why he is hoping for a hung Parliament following the election.

But Grant’s views on Brexit triggered a response from Exeter-based businessman Tim Martin, who founded the Wetherspoons pub chain.

Wetherspoons founder Tim Martin. Credit: ITV News West Country

Brexiteer Martin told ITV News West Country that Grant’s desire for a hung Parliament and a second referendum was a “daft idea”.