Dorchester vet saves dog who swallowed 23cm stick

A Dorchester vet has been hailed a hero after saving the life of a dog who swallowed a 23cm (9 inch) stick.

Brook, the Spaniel, got into the sticky situation while on a walk through woodlands with her owner Tom Bevins. Mr Bevins said "It was obvious something was wrong" almost immediately.

We didn’t see exactly what happened to Brook as she was out of sight running in woodland, but we both heard a loud squeal. It was obvious something was wrong as her demeanor changed completely. Our normally bubbly and bouncy girl just didn’t want to continue. Our first thought was that she’d either twisted her stomach chasing a bird or swallowed a dead bird’s bone.

Tom Bevins, Brook's owner

Following a touch and go wait overnight, Brook was rushed to Medivet in Dorchester where within minutes staff were preparing to operate.

Veterinary surgeon Verity Griffiths removed the lengthy stick from the Spaniel's stomach - all in one piece.

An x-ray clearly showed the full length of the unbroken stick in Brook's stomach. Credit: Medivet

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Surgeon Verity said the young Spaniel had "a miraculous escape".

It is not an exaggeration to say that Brook had a miraculous escape.

Verity Griffiths, Veterinary surgeon

Just two days later, Brook was discharged and headed home to her very relieved owners.

"I must admit, once we knew about the severity of the issue, we thought we were going to lose Brook," owner Tom said.

He added: "Verity and her team did a phenomenally professional job from the moment we walked into the hospital. It’s miraculous that we still have her and we just cannot thank them enough – they’re all superstars".

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