UK weather forecast: A windy, cold and unsettled weekend for the southwest, with outbreaks of rain and some sunshine

It's looking like a windy weekend with further spells of rain and a cold feel. There will be sunshine around too but temperatures will be on the low side.

No less than three areas of low pressure will rotate around the UK this weekend, continuing the unsettled weather across the West Country. There are some hints that the start of next week should be a little quieter at least.

A spell of wet and windy weather may graze the far southwest of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly this evening, with some rain making its way further east too. However, after midnight it's back to scattered showers and a few clear spells. Temperatures similar to last night, dropping to low-to-mid single figures.

Scattered, blustery showers will continue on Saturday morning, some giving hail and sleet, perhaps even a little snow across the top of Dartmoor. There will be sunshine between them and the afternoon actually looks quite bright. It'll be cold though with temperatures in single figures for many, and the cold winds will take a further few degrees off the feel.

Another spell of wet weather is likely on Saturday night but this should clear back to scattered, heavy showers on Sunday. Monday and Tuesday look like quieter days with lighter winds and drier skies. Temperatures will stay around average though.