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Think you're a code-breaker? Have a go at the GCHQ Christmas card puzzle

Credit: GCHQ

GCHQ in Cheltenham has released its 2019 Christmas card puzzle.

Colleagues at the organisation, responsible for intelligence and security across the country, have put their minds together to create this year's festive conundrum.

Credit: GCHQ

GCHQ Director Jeremy Fleming has sent the same Christmas card brain teaser to colleagues and partners across the world - and now you can have a go too.

Check out the puzzle here.

The conundrum combines a codebreaking message and a classic Soduku theme, with the following instructions issued by the organisation:

  • Work out the message that snakes its way through the snowflake

  • Colour in the snowflake so that each circle of six hexagons surrounding a grey hexagon uses each of the six colours once

  • Work out the significance of the coloured snowflakes – you might need a ruler!

A spokesperson for GCHQ said:

Using GCHQ's great mix of minds, which has helped to keep the country safe for more than 100 years, we’re wishing people a Happy Christmas in the only way we know how with this festive conundrum.

– GCHQ spokesperson