Bristol flatmates get heartwarming letter from neighbour's dog after asking to take it for walks

Four Bristol flatmates who aren't allowed pets in their rental house wrote a letter to their neighbour's dog - and the response will melt your heart.

They sent a letter to the local neighbours and offered to walk their dog, after spotting them walking the furry four-legged friend in Bristol.

Jack and his flatmates weren't expecting a response, but were surprised when they received one from the adorable pooch.

The dog, named Stevie Ticks, said: "I'd love to hang out whenever you fancy. Give my servant Chris a Whatsapp and we can arrange a meet up!"

They signed the letter, 'the boys from number 23'. Credit: Jack McCrossan


Jack, 23, and his friends are engineering graduates who have just moved to the city.

In the letter to their neighbours, they said: "The other day, we noticed a four-legged friend looking at us out the window when we arrived home from work. He or she looked like the good-est boy/girl there is.

"If you ever need someone to walk him/her, we will gladly do so. If you ever get bored (we know you never will, but we can dream) we are more than happy to look after him/her."

Sealed with a paw - the boys soon received a letter back from the dog, Stevie Ticks. Credit: Jack McCrossan

Jack then took to Twitter to tell his followers what had happened.

Again - he wasn't expecting the response he got.

The original tweet has now got more than half a million likes and has been retweeted more than 100,000 times.

If this story isn't cute enough already, the four flatmates then met the two-year-old 'Sheprador'.

Jack shared the photo with his Twitter followers and it has gone viral. Credit: Jack McCrossan


Alongside the photo, Jack said it's the "start of a beautiful friendship".

We think so too!