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Little girl reunited with precious toy lost on train to Bristol

Reunited with Bertie the Bunny. Credit: Twitter

A little girl in Bristol has been reunited with her toy rabbit thanks to the kindness of strangers after she left it on a train.

Father Luke Smalley put out an appeal for 'Bertie the Bunny' on Twitter after his daughter Sydney left it on a train from Reading to Bristol Temple Meads.

He described the toy as "irreplaceable" and offered a cash reward.

His appeal went viral and attracted thousands of shares and comments.

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Luke later thanked staff at Great Western Rail for helping to reunite his daughter with the stuffed animal.

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My original tweet got retweeted nearly 1200 times! The guy at lost property called me and said they’ve had loads of people calling and going into the station to show them the picture asking them to help.

Reaffirmed my faith in humanity.

– Luke, on Twitter