Bristol among 13 more UK towns and cities to benefit from O2's 'revolutionary' 5G network

Bristol is among 13 towns and cities across the UK to benefit from the expansion of O2's 5G network.

The mobile operator entered the New Year by rolling out its "revolutionary" network to 13 more towns and cities, after launching in October 2019.

Now customers in Bristol can experience the "next-generation network", taking O2's current network to a total of 20 locations.

O2 mobile phone holders in Bristol can now experience the new network. Credit: PA images


Where are the new locations?

  • Manchester

  • Birmingham

  • Glasgow

  • Liverpool

  • Newcastle

  • Bradford

  • Sheffield

  • Coventry

  • Nottingham

  • Norwich

  • Bristol

  • Derby

  • Stoke

O2's 5G launch in October 2019 followed that of fellow operators EE, Vodafone and Three.

The next generation of mobile network is expected to offer internet speeds several times faster than that of current-generation 4G.

The operator started its rollout in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Slough and Leeds before revealing the 13 latest locations on New Year's Eve 2019.

O2 followed other mobile operators, including Three, in launching 5G. Credit: PA images

The Spanish-owned firm has also revealed the places lined up as the next to be connected - Windsor, Eton, Reading, Blackpool, Bournemouth and Guildford.

I believe 5G is going to revolutionise the way people and businesses use mobile connectivity, unlocking huge possibilities for our economy and society. We're excited about getting it into the hands of our customers across the UK and continuing to work with our partners to help shape the future of 5G for the next generation.

Derek McManus, chief operating officer, Telefonica UK

It plans to reach 50 locations across the UK by summer 2020 and is investing more than £2 million a day into the 5G expansion.