Joyriders on Dartmoor causing outrage as they continue to 'attack ancient commons'

Joyriders are causing outrage as they continue to ruin ancient land on Dartmoor's National Park.

It's being claimed that they're driving off the road and destroying the land on the ancient Dartmoor commons by leaving the usually scenic landscape in a churned up, muddy mess.

The latest incident occurred on Ringmoor and Yennadon Commons, on Saturday 4 January.

A spokesperson from Burrator Parish Council said on Facebook: "There have been similar outrages at Lowery in recent times and on the track to Kingsett out to Princetown."

This wasn't the first incident involving joyriders on Dartmoor. Credit: Burrator Parish Council

On 3 December the Parish Council reported another incident to the police, after the boulders around the Lowery Cross car park had been moved to allow access to the commons.

There have been similar cases near Princetown, on Walkhampton Common and at Long Ash, near Yelverton.

Burrator Parish Councillor Keith Scrivener said joyriders on Dartmoor are a "regular nuisance" and that the recent incidents are "totally disrespectful."

He continued, "Whoever is doing this needs stopping. They are trashing our landscape with no regard for everyone else. And goodness knows what harm and upset they are causing to the wildlife and livestock..."

Burrator Parish Council has reported the incidents to the local police. Credit: Burrator Parish Council

Burrator Parish Council is asking anyone with any information to get in touch with Devon and Cornwall Police.