Most affordable place for Bristol commuters to live is revealed - and it's in Wales

The most affordable towns to live in for people who commute into Bristol have been revealed - and the one at the top of the list is in Wales.

Property website Zoopla looked at season ticket and mortgage costs to work out the towns that are best value for money if you're looking to live within an hour's travel time of Bristol.

It turns out that you might have to look over the Severn Bridge if you want the best deal.

Zoopla revealed that Newport, in South Wales, is at the top of the list for value - with combined train travel and mortgage costs of £10,166.

It turns out that if you work in Bristol, it might not be the best value for money to live there. Credit: PA Images

Here is a list of Bristol's most affordable commuter towns, according to Zoopla. It includes the postcode and typical combined annual mortgage and season ticket cost for 2020:

The Severn Bridge tolls were scrapped at the end of 2018. Credit: PA Images

Laura Howard, consumer expert at Zoopla, said:

The research made certain assumptions about mortgage costs, which were based on someone having a two or three bedroom home and a 15% deposit.

Travel times and the 2020 annual railcard costs were taken from the National Rail enquiries website.