An ancient Roman burial plot has been unearthed on the site of a new school in Somerset.

Work on the 14-class primary in Somerton had to be delayed while archaeologists excavated around 50 graves of adults and children.


Around 50 graves were discovered.

Somerton is the ancient capital of Wessex.

The graves were dug into the bedrock. Credit: Wessex Archaeology

The graves were dug into the bedrock and lined with stone ‘curbs’ to create a coffin structure.

The burials were of adults and children and included grave goods such as pottery and brooches.

This site is a significant discovery - the most comprehensive modern excavation of a Roman cemetery in Somerset.

Steve Membery, South West Heritage Trust
The burials included goods such as pottery and brooches. Credit: Wessex Archaeology

The site archaeology has been carefully gathered for further scientific analysis.

A full report of the findings will be published in due course.

It is hoped that the discoveries can be used to teach pupils about the history of the area.

Traces of Iron Age roundhouses and field systems were found. Credit: Wessex Archaeology