'Talking to my mum helped me cope with anorexia'

A mother and son from Plymouth are encouraging people to talk more about physical and mental health by sharing their own story of living with anorexia.

As ITV's Britain Get Talking campaign urges us all to open up, Debbie Roche says her son Ollie is now able to manage the condition he has suffered with since he was a teenager - and their relationship has flourished as a result.

Ollie is studying for a qualification in beauty therapy. Credit: ITV News

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Eight months ago Debbie and Ollie took the big decision to go public and open up about the condition which they say nearly destroyed their family.

But now Ollie is back at college, living independently and says he feels much happier.

Ollie and Debbie say they are now able to speak to each other about difficult topics. Credit: ITV News