A man from Bristol has been sentenced to an indefinite hospital order after stabbing another man to death in an assisted living accommodation.

Tobias Haley, 52 pleaded guilty in November to manslaughter by diminished responsibility of 48-year old Thomas Abraham at an address in Park End Road in Bristol last May.

Police say Haley was given a Section 37 (Mental Health Act) Hospital Order along with an indefinite Section 41 Order. This will prevent him from being granted leave or discharged without authority from the Secretary of State for Justice.

Both men were being supported as a result of long-standing mental health issues. Police say Haley, who had severe schizophrenia, suffered a relapse and stabbed Abraham repeatedly in the chest.

Paramedics in the address couldn't save Abraham and he was declared dead soon after.

When he (Haley) was arrested it was apparent that he was suffering from a relapse in his mental health. He wasn’t fit for police interview and neither was he capable of entering a plea for a further six months. Tom was described as pleasant, gentle, polite and kind and the impact of his death will stay with his loved ones forever. >

Senior Investigating Officer Detective Inspector Alistair Hammett, Gloucestershire police