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Devon woman has knees that resemble Mitchell brothers from Eastenders

Spitting image - the owner of these knees believes they're a dead ringer for the Mitchell brothers. Credit: Holly Fairfax / PA

I checked my own knees and realised they looked like two bald babies - or Phil and Grant Mitchell.

– Holly Fairfax
  • Judge the likeness for yourself - watch Holly make her knees talk:

Britain's Got Talent knee-d look no further for its next impressionist contestant.

A star has truly been born in the North Devon village of Braunton, where the iconic Eastenders characters, Grant and Phil Mitchell, have found their true likeness in a business woman's kneecaps.

Holly Fairfax - the woman behind the knees. Credit: Holly Fairfax
The knees in question - but which is Phil and which is Grant? Credit: Holly Fairfax

40 year-old Holly Fairfax noticed that the skin around her knees looks a lot like the follicly-challenged men when seen in a particular light.

"Years ago I noticed that my mum had faces in her knees and found it quite funny.

"I checked my own and realised they looked like two bald babies - or Phil and Grant Mitchell."

The concierge business owner then decided to film a couple of videos of them having a conversation with each other.

Holly's knees bear a striking resemblance to Actors Ross Kemp & Steve McFadden, who play the Mitchell brothers. Credit: PA

I never imagined a moment of silliness in the mirror after a shower one day would eventually end up in my knees going viral!

– Holly Fairfax

People have started asking Holly to perform her party trick and to "get the Mitchells out".

But she says that the lighting is not always as good as it is in her bedroom.

So Holly is now weighing up how best to reveal her unique skills to the world at large and has come up with an idea or two:

"I'm thinking about launching a YouTube channel for them, but I'm not sure about the longevity.

"I think I'd have to come up with some funny sketches for them or introduce some new characters perhaps.

"It’s bought a smile to most people’s faces and that’s fine with me.

"I would love to find a Peggy to add to the mix one day!"

  • Watch the latest Mitchell brothers knee sketch: