'Heartbreak' as Cornwall College confirms Saltash campus will shut

Cornwall College has confirmed its Saltash campus will close later this year due to 'reduced funding'.

The site has provided post-16 education and training for students for 35 years, but will shut its doors in July.

Students will be given the option to relocate to either the college's St Austell site or Duchy Stoke Climsland near Launceston.

We regret that we are having to close our Saltash campus and recognise the impact these changes will have on our local community, which we have been proud to serve for the last 35 years. This decision results from the reduced funding for post-16 learners in colleges which has shrunk by 30 per cent over the last ten years.

Cornwall College spokesman

Cornwall College took the decision to close Saltash campus as a necessary part of their strategy to ensure long term financial stability.

Department for Education spokesman

Parents, students and staff have been sharing their disappointment on social media.

Some have expressed frustration that they learned the news through social media, rather than directly from the college.

This is heartbreaking. The staff are amazing and go above and beyond for their students. With the guidance of Chris and Lesley in the catering department my son is living his dream of being a chef. They cared and provided the extra support and listened when I had concerns way more than his secondary school did when he was there. Such a loss for the community too.

Jenny Godfrey

My daughter is affected, I just think it's stupid how it was let slip before everyone was told. Imagine if you were a teacher off sick and you find out (you may be) losing your job through social media.

Kelly Trueman