Foxy in the fence - vixen found hanging from its tail in Weston-super-Mare

A fox which got its tail in a tangle has had a lucky escape thanks to human intervention.

The female urban fox is now recovering from its ordeal at Secret World Wildlife Rescue centre in Highbridge after it was first freed by the fire service and then treated for its injuries.

The person who rang in confirmed it would probably need some cutting tools, which we don't have.

Marlies Hebdon, Secret World

The animal was spotted hanging upside down from its tail by a member of the public at the weekend.

It was trapped in a metal fence in an alleyway behind a West-super-Mare gym.

After the rescue centre received the call they turned to the local fire station for help in cutting the stricken vixen free.

It is unclear how the fox wound up in its precarious predicament but neighbouring residents reported hearing foxes making "a lot of noise" in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The reception supervisor at Secret World, Marlies Hebdon, says the female is in season and it is the time of year when foxes mate.

The fox's tail was injured but it is now recovering at a rescue centre in Highbridge Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

We are quite hopeful because it's looking quite good at the moment.

Marlies Hebdon, Secret World

The fox's tail was injured and bone is visible at the tip where it has lost the white colouration.

The vixen was taken to Quantock Veterinary Hospital in Bridgwater and it will now receive a check from the vet stay as it continues its recovery at the nearby rescue centre.

Hebdon said that it is not clear when the fox will be released back in to the wild.

"She could be with us for a couple of weeks but if she's feeling okay and just needs antibiotics for a few days then it could be sooner.

"We are quite hopeful because it's looking quite good at the moment."