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More than £140 million spent repairing West Country potholes in past year

661 South West claims out of almost 4000 in relation to damage caused by potholes were successful in the past year Credit: PA Images

More than £140 million has been spent on repairing potholes and other damages in the West Country in the past year.

According to an FOI gathered by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), that's an increase of almost £20 million from the previous year.

Today (15 January) is National Pothole Day - a day set aside to highlight the issues many commuters come across when driving.

Number of complaints in the West Country, 2018-19.
Worth of damages caused by potholes in the West Country, 2018-19

The number of complaints and the worth of damages caused by potholes fell in comparison to the previous year.

In the year 2017-18, there were more than 95,000 pothole complaints in the South West. More than £173,000 was paid out in damages.

The combined depth of the country's potholes is 15 times deeper than the Grand Canyon according to statistics Credit: PA Images

The FSB is calling for a number of measures to be put in place to fix potholes across the country. These include more funding for local authorities from central government.

It also says better coordination is needed between utilities companies and local authorities when roads need to be dug up.

Potholes are a nuisance for all road users, which is why this Government has pledged to spend £2 billion over four years so councils can improve their roads. Details of how this will be allocated will be announced soon. We are also looking at innovative approaches to highways maintenance to future proof our roads.

– Department for Transport