Dogs had to be put to sleep by vets after suffering lengthy neglect in Crediton garden shed

A Devon man has been banned from keeping animals for ten years after keeping two dogs in a dirty shed, and neglecting a pony.

Tragically, both Collies had to be put down because of the severity of their condition. One was unable to stand unaided when seen by the RSPCA.

Kenneth John Tucker from Fordton in Crediton, was found guilty of four animal welfare offences and sentenced to 200 hours community service when he appeared before magistrates in Exeter. He was also ordered to pay £300 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

Tucker was also found to have neglected a Dartmoor Pony. Credit: RSPCA

In March 2019 two dogs were discovered in a small leaking shed during a visit to Tucker’s home.

Two collies, known as Rocky and Foxy, were found in dirty hay which was soiled with urine and faeces.

Rocky, who was unable to use his hind legs, was found collapsed and unable to stand without being physically held or propped up.

He had a deformed foot, all his nails were overgrown and his coat was dirty and matted. He also had rotten teeth and an abscess on his gums.

Foxy was underweight and unsteady on her feet because of a neurological condition.

Tragically, both dogs had to be put to sleep.

Tucker was also found guilty of animal welfare offences relating to an underweight 18-year-old Dartmoor pony.