A mother from Exmouth is demanding answers after her son was found crying alone on a street when he should have been at nursery.

On his first day three-year-old Jack Hardiman walked out of Marpool Nursery and Primary School without staff noticing.

A shortly while later he was seen in tears not far from a busy main road, asking where his mum was and saying he wanted to go home. A member of the public spotted him and returned him safely to the nursery.

Jack was found at the top of Moorfield Road near Bradham Lane Credit: Google Earth

Jack's mum, Cassandra, claims the school tried to play down the incident and suggested Jack wear a hi-vis vest so staff can spot him in the future.

She says she will not send him back and will lodge a complaint with the governors.

There was not a massive show of concern. I spoke to the head and deputy and they were really playing it down, saying it had only been minutes. The shock of it all only hit me later. It was pointed out that maybe he wasn't ready for nursery. They said Jack would have to wear a hi-vis jacket as he's a high risk child. I don't think he should be labelled, they just need a better system of supervision.

Cassandra Hardiman

The school has apologised for the incident and says it's reviewing security.

We’re all really upset about this and we have already reviewed our security and the procedures for vehicle and pedestrian access.

Rachel Pattinson, Marpool Headteacher