1. ITV Report

UK weather forecast: Some more winter sunshine across the West Country today but turning cloudier from tomorrow

It'll stay dry, bright and cold for the rest of today, with some frost and fog again tonight but we'll see cloudier skies from tomorrow.

That's because our area of high pressure is slowly moving away from the UK allowing more cloud to drift in from the north, but it should stay dry for the rest of this week.

A fine end to today though, and turning cold quickly this evening with more frost and fog patches forming. They won't last all night though as cloud starts to build in. Away from Cornwall, where temperatures will drop below freezing, most other places should have a milder night with temperatures in low single figures.

Wednesday will be a much cloudier day therefore, with less sunshine than the last few days. In fact there will be some mist and hill fog as the day wears on. It should be milder though with a few more places reaching double figures.

The rest of the week looks similarly cloudy but mostly dry, and still on the chilly side. However, by the weekend there are signs of a little more brightness and some slightly higher temperatures, before the weather turns more changeable...