Suspected illegal immigrants found hiding in Marlborough horse box

A group of suspected illegal immigrants have been found in the back of a horse box in Marlborough.

The four men - believed to be Sudanese - were discovered by Sue and Jeremy Riches as they unloaded furniture from the trailer.

Mrs Riches said: "I was standing by the trailer when suddenly I saw one person, then another, then when the police came they found two more. There were four all together, very tired looking refugees."

The men have been arrested on suspicion of immigration offences, the Home Office said.

It is believed three of them are minors, who have now been passed to social services. The fourth has been transferred to an immigration removal centre.

The couple, who live in Staffordshire, were bringing furniture back to their son in Marlborough, after selling a house in France.

Mrs Riches suspects the men entered the trailer after they stopped at the port in Caen, France.

She said they had used plastic ties and tape to secure the trailer, but after returning from dinner had suspicions it may have been tampered with. Customs checked the vehicle, but spotted nothing.

It was only when they unloaded the trailer in Marlborough on January 21 that they spotted the men, and then called the police.

The couple used plastic ties to secure the horse box. Credit: Sue Riches