There's crow place like home: the Bristol bird stealing hearts in local pub

While it's usually magpies that are known for their tendency to steal things - in Bristol, one very popular crow has been getting in on the act too.

Toby the crow has become a familiar sight in Bedminster after he was taken in by the landlady of the Rope Walk pub when she found him in 2018.

He was discovered in the pub garden by Ann Clevely, who took pity on the creature and decided to give him a home.

She said she was "devastated" the day he left, but it wasn't long before he came back.

Now Toby, a much-loved resident at Rope Walk, is known for his cheeky attitude and tendency to steal pound coins, trolley tokens - and anything else he can get his beak on.

According to Ann, he usually amuses himself throughout the day before coming back to "hang out with customers in the back garden".

Take a look: