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Eight million pounds needed to complete Bloodhound land speed record attempt

The Bloodhound car is aiming to reach speeds beyond 800mph by the end of 2021 Credit: Bloodhound SLR

The West Country team behind the Bloodhound project to trying to break the world land speed record say they need an extra £8m of funding to be able to complete their work.

The project is on hold until the money can be raised.

The supersonic car underwent successful high-speed tests in South Africa towards the end of last year where it reached 628mph.

It has now returned to the Bloodhound headquarters in Gloucestershire to be prepared for the next phase of the project, which will include minimising the environmental impact of the project.

Our mission is to inspire the next generation to study science and technology, so it’s very satisfying to have generated so much coverage during the high-speed testing phase and to see the project resonate with people around the world.

This is an extraordinary story of technology and human endeavour that will stand the test of time and the record we set may never be beaten. I’m also pleased that we are now able to bring many new, more environmentally-relevant technologies into the design of the project.

– Ian Warhurst, CEO Bloodhound LSR

The Story so far

  • Project Bloodhound was founded in 2007 with plans to race the car at a specially built track in the deserts of South Africa.
  • However, the project's future was under threat when the firm behind it went into administration in October last year and in early December, it was announced efforts to find £25 million worth of investment had failed.
  • Yorkshire-based entrepreneur Ian Warhurst then stepped in and bought the business and assets for an undisclosed amount.
  • The project opened a new base in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, last year.
  • The Bloodhound underwent successful high-speed testing in South Africa towards the end of 2019
  • It's now back in the UK to prepare it for the next stage of the project

The car will be on display to the public at the SGS Berkeley Green University Technical College in Gloucestershire on Sunday.