HMP Exeter to receive new security measures as part of crackdown on prison crime

HMP Exeter is to receive tough new security measures as part of the government’s crackdown on crime in prisons.

It will receive innovative new X-ray body scanners. The machines will produce instant images from inside the human body and can reveal internally concealed contraband, including drugs, mobile phones and weapons.

Other technology such as metal detection, phone-blocking and digital forensics equipment will also be installed at the prison Credit: Conservative Party

It’s one of 16 prisons across the country to receive the technology due to having high volumes of remand prisoners – posing the greatest risk of smuggling.

Metal-detection equipment, phone-blocking technology and a new digital forensics facility will also be introduced to HMP Exeter.

The installation at HMP Exeter will begin in spring 2020, with all scanners expected to be in place by the summer.