UK weather forecast: Cold and showery across the West Country today but turning much milder by the end of the week

We'll have sunshine and showers around today, along with strong winds making it feel very cold. It'll turn drier overnight, and tomorrow looks a lot milder.

Low pressure is still very much in charge, so we'll hold onto outbreaks of rain and strong winds but the wind direction is changing to a southwesterly, bringing us much milder air for the rest of the week.

Before that though it's another chilly evening and night to come, with showers gradually thinning out. They probably won't clear completely but there will be longer drier spells and lighter winds. Temperatures will drop close to freezing across Wiltshire and Gloucestershire so there could be a patchy frost here.

Wednesday will be much drier and brighter on the whole, although there will be some cloud and outbreaks of rain moving across north Devon, Somerset and Gloucestershire early in the afternoon. Otherwise though those southwesterly winds will bring temperatures up to 9 or 10 Celsius in a few spots.

Beyond that we'll continue to see a little rain and brisk winds but by the end of the week a few places might have temperatures rising to 13 or 14 Celsius!