Bristol's most congested roads revealed as city named among UK’s worst for traffic

There are very few things worse than sitting in traffic for hours on end.

Whether it’s the daily commute into work, trying to pick the kids up from school or returning home after a weekend away, nobody likes spending hours behind the wheel or staring at the brake lights of the car in front.

In fact, on average, UK drivers travelling at peak times will spend an extra six days in traffic each year.

That’s the same amount of time it would take to walk from London to Dundee, according to TomTom who have published a new report detailing the UK’s most congested cities.

How long have you spent stuck in traffic? Credit: ITV News West Country

For a third year running, Edinburgh has been crowned the UK’s most congested - with drivers in the Scottish capital spending an average of 41 per cent extra time stuck in traffic.

Here in the West Country, meanwhile, Bristol has been named the most congested city in the South West.

The average car journey in Bristol takes a third longer than it should, according to the research.

The findings suggest that Bath Road is the busiest in the city, followed by Fishponds Road and Temple Way.

Bristol’s most congested roads revealed:

The percentages indicate the extra time a journey takes on that road compared to normal or 'uncongested conditions'.

The top ten most congested cities in the UK:

  • Edinburgh - 41% (Morningside Road - 168.1%)

  • London - 28% (Marylebone Road - 246.7%)

  • Brighton and Hove - 35% (London Road - 181.9%)

  • Bournemouth - 34% (Christchurch Road (Boscombe) - 160.1%)

  • Hull - 34% (Beverley Road (Newland) - 169.7%)

  • Belfast - 33% (Antrim Road (South) - 230%)

  • Southampton - 33% (Romsey Road - 216%)

  • Bristol - 33% (Bath Road - 270.6%)

  • Manchester - 33% (London Road - 177.7%)

  • Reading - 32% (Morningside Road - 168.1%)