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Councillors mock state of Devon’s road next to giant pothole

Is this Devon's biggest pothole? Credit: Buckfastleigh Town Council

A group of councillors dressed up in fishing gear and swimming goggles next to a giant pothole in order to poke fun at the state of Devon’s roads.

Members of Buckfastleigh Town Council posed for a photograph next to the massive hole, which is located on the outskirts of the Devon town.

One of the councillors can be seen dangling a fishing rod inside the hole while another is wearing a pair of swimming goggles.

Locals gather round the giant hole. Credit: Buckfastleigh Town Council

The water-filled pothole is so big, there’s even a dog carrying a stick and a young child standing inside.

But there was a serious point to it all - to highlight the state of roads in the county.

Buckfastleigh Town councillors in mass pointing at pothole protest. Town Councillors Kate Kayley, Ron Fox (with goggles), Sue Clarke, Darren Greep, Pamela Forbes, David Patrick (with fishing rod), John Bailey, Huw Cox and friends (with Cllr. Andy Stokes behind the camera) highlighting huge pothole in road on outskirts of Buckfastleigh, in protest at the deteriorating state of roads and drains in the parish.

– Buckfastleigh Town Council