Bath houseboat owners say they could be made homeless under new moorings ban

People living on boats near Bath say they could be made homeless when moorings are banned on the River Avon later this week.

The River Avon at Saltford is a popular mooring spot Credit: ITV News West country

The council will ban moorings following calls from locals who say houseboats are damaging the environment and weakening the riverbank.

The incoming ban will cause serious issues for houseboat owners that regularly moor there.

To keep their licences, the majority of houseboat owners must cover a range of 20 miles, mooring for a maximum of two weeks. For some who work in Bristol and Bath, mooring in Saltford is ideal but with the incoming ban they'll have to travel in more rural directions.

The incoming ban could cause big issues for Rebecca Sarll Credit: ITV News west Country

A local homelessness charity says taking away a key mooring site could cause major social challenges, with many boaters unable to afford to move onto dry land but unable to stay close to their jobs.

Bath and North East Somerset Council told ITV News West Country they're working to balance the concerns of both parties.