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Petition launched over Cornwall's new dog beach bans

Cornwall Council has introduced changes this year in a bid to make the restrictions more consistent across the county Credit: PA Images

Almost 800 people have signed a petition opposing reducing restrictions on dogs on Cornwall's beaches.

Currently around 48 Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) are in place at around 15% of beaches in Cornwall.

These limit when dogs can be exercised at different resorts but the restrictions vary considerably.

Those supporting the petition say the council is putting the requirements of dog owners ahead of the wellbeing of residents Credit: PA Images

At the moment many beaches across the county allow dogs between 10am and 6pm. Taking your dog on a beach outside these permitted times could currently lead to a £100 fine.

However, the new petition claims there will no longer be any dog-free beaches left in Cornwall.

This policy means there is not a single dog free beach in Cornwall, prioritising the rights of dogs and dog owners over the needs, rights, health, wellbeing, preference and livelihoods of local workers and residents.

On health grounds, we demand a review. Children are particularly vulnerable to diseases from dog faeces such as toxocariasis. The NHS website lists preventative measures including avoiding areas that can be used by dogs or cats. If this advice is taken literally all Cornish beaches could be out of bounds for children as well as vulnerable people, like the elderly and cancer patients.

– Petition supporters

Council officers will monitor the effect of these changes, and it is proposed that a review take place following the 2020 summer period in order to assess their impact.

The council say the new rules are a result of a public consultation.

The council says the new rules are a result of their biggest consultation ever.. Credit: PA Images

We are a listening council, and this was the council’s largest-ever consultation response, with over 13,128 replies.

Across this huge response was a strong theme for the regulations to be both simpler to understand, and standardised across Cornwall. At present they are different from place to place.

This is complicated and confusing, particularly for our visitors, so harmonising dates and times will make them easier to comprehend and to enforce.

– Rob Nolan, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Public Protection