Devon vegan milk factory to start delivering across the UK

A vegan milk factory in Devon is about to increase its production, which will allow it to deliver milk to homes across the country.

ReRooted Organic in Totnes has producing vegan milk for the past two years. However, there are plans for a massive expansion after developing a partnership with Riverford founder Guy Singh-Watson.

The business is owned by former Manchester United player Richard Eckersley and business partner Dan Dawson Credit: Devon Live

ReRooted say their vegan milks were as a result of frustration at not being able to find a plant milk that was zero waste and good quality.

Thus business owners Richard Eckersley and Dan Dawson began delivering almond and coconut milks in their electric van to Totnes and a small part of the surrounding area.

The business really took off when Riverford founder Guy Singh-Watson knocked on Richard's shop door to propose a plant milk partnership.

Working with Riverford now means ReRooted's milk will soon reach homes in 64% of the country Credit: Devon live

At the moment, a team of four run the show, with this expected to increase when the Riverford expansion begins.

Although their products will make their way across the UK with the expansion, each bottle will still be sent back to the Totnes base to be cleaned and reused again.

The pair plan to extend their offering into oat milk, hemp, hazelnut and chocolate hazelnut.