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The West Country Debate: Brexit, party leadership and the future of our agriculture

Credit: ITV West Country

With the UK officially out of the European Union for almost a week, questions have been raised about the future of sectors crucial for the West Country's economy.

Although technically the deal has been done and Brexit has been achieved, the real work on securing relationships and agreements the world over is only just beginning.

The new MP for East Devon, Simon Jupp, has said he has complete faith in the Government to do the best thing for the country going forward.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered a speech at the start of the week, setting out his vision for a free trade agreement, and since then fishing and farming have been some of the main areas of concern.

Cornwall's Baroness Judith Jolly is wary of the promise of an Australia-style deal, while Labour's Kerry McCarthy has called the debate surrounding fishing 'nonsense'.

When it comes to farming, the West Country has a huge hand in the £120bn-a-year industry.

The NFU has said its biggest concern around discussions going forward is the standards of goods being traded, and UK farmers and their produce being undercut by cheaper, lower quality foreign goods.

Both Baroness Jolly and Kerry McCarthy MP told us they are concerned about the Government's handling of the issue going forwards, while Simon Jupp said he 'doesn't accept' the need for concern.

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