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Donations and tributes are pouring in online following the death of the colourful and popular traveller John Treagood.

Treagood was a permanent fixture on the highways of Devon and a recognisable figure to many.

He had been travelling around the region for 40 years and, in more recent times, was often seen on his traditional wagon alongside his beloved horse, Misty.

A crowdfunding page was set up after his passing late on Sunday night and very quickly reached and surpassed its £3,000 target to pay for his funeral.

John had been feeling his age and his health had been declining for a little awhile, but as always the proud man that he was did not want anyone to know, which as always was respected.

Sasha Elson

John Treagood's friend, Sasha Elson, announced his death in an emotional Facebook post.

She also confirmed that his animals will be taken into care by friends and well looked after.

Dozens of people have reacted to the news by paying their respects on various social media platforms.

There has been an outpouring of emotional tributes online. Credit: Facebook

John Treagood's incredible life story started out in Kent.

He never met his parents and was raised by his grandfather, before he ran away at 16 and joined the army.

Treagood was blinded in one eye and used his payout to get a PhD.

But he decided that work and convention was simply not for him, so he packed a bag and started walking.

He ate what he could find or whatever donations he received, and nestled under six duvets year-round inside his caravan

Treagood believed that life on the hoof afforded him the "ultimate freedom".

This traditional wooden caravan was a familiar sight on Devon's roadsides. Credit: ITV News West Country
John Treagood's animals will be cared for by friends. Credit: ITV News West Country

It makes me happy to be like this... I'd be very sad if I had to live in a house. My ideal house would be one with three walls and a horse to pull it.

Speaking to ITV News West Country (2017)
John Treegood died on Sunday (February 9) aged 84. Credit: ITV News West Country

Treagood kept a journal of what he referred to as his 'musings'.

They were published and turned into a book called "A Life On The Open Road", and the proceeds have gone towards horse welfare across Britain.

Those words and wishes, as well as the stories he shared with everyone he met, will be his lasting legacy.

John Treagood published a book of his 'musings' Credit: ITV News West Country